Nepal Airlines’ scheduled flight to Dubai refused permission to take-off

Nepal Airlines’ scheduled flight to Dubai refused permission to take-off

The authorities has fashioned a four-member committee to look into over the cancelled flight of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) on Tuesday night. As per NAC, the flight bound for Dubai was once geared up for take-off at 9:47 pm, however the air traffic manipulate (ATC) of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) halted the flight citing note to airmen (NOTAM) related to the runway extension work.

As TIA has began runway extension work it has stopped flight operation for 10 hours from 10 pm to 8 am for 45 days. According to Vijay Lama, spokesperson for NAC, flight RA 231 certain for Dubai was once geared up for take-off before the NOTAM comes into effect.

However, ATC stopped the flight. The aircraft with scheduled flight time of 9:15 pm was once at RA hangar and the organization had sought permission from ATC due to the fact 6 pm to take the aircraft to the parking bay.

“Captain Shrawan Rijal was searching for permission considering 6pm but the global flight operation branch of TIA gave permission only at 8:30 pm,” Lama stated adding, “All crew members had been onboard at 8:35 pm and soon after the flight provider objects were onboard passenger boarding had started,” said Lama. “By 9:35 pm the aircraft had finished boarding passengers and refuelling was once additionally executed via that time.”

After the engineering clearance at 9:45 pm the plane doorways had been closed at 9:47 pm when Captain Rijal requested ATC for pushback. “We didn’t get permission for pushback as Dragon Air was once additionally there on the runway and had already began pushback,” Lama said, adding after that Captain Rijal asked for 4 more minutes as they may want to take-off inside four minutes. Then Dragon Air departed at 9:57 pm.

However, regardless of numerous requests NAC was once knowledgeable that there is no authority of extension and pushback cannot be granted. There were one hundred ninety humans on board inclusive of cabin crew in the aircraft.

“This is a pretty irresponsible behaviour of the ATC. If the NOTAM was about to begin they have knowledgeable us now not to board the passengers,” he said, “But as they had already allowed us to board passengers they may want to have given us four more minutes to take off.” He in addition stated that this incident has no longer solely affected NAC however has additionally stricken passengers.

As the countrywide flag carrier, TIA ought to have given first precedence to NAC. “It is no longer only about NAC however also about these passengers who have been accommodated in the nearest resorts late night,” Lama added. He in addition said that NAC will soon disclose the loss incurred due to the cancelled flight as a end result of the irresponsible behaviour of the concerned authorities.

“The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has to take the responsibility of this reckless decision,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Sanjiv Gautam, director conventional of CAAN, stated that they are conducting an investigation into the incident. “NAC says that it had time to take-off whilst ATC has stated that the NOTAM had already begun and that could now not be cancelled,” he said, “So, now we are investigating the problem and we will have a record on it soon.”

A committee led by using Buddhi Sagar Lamichhane, joint secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, has taken statements from each the ATC and NAC today. The report may additionally come by using Thursday evening, he said.

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