‘Mafia’ grabbed 1,860 ropani govt land in 6 yrs post-Panchayat

‘Mafia’ grabbed 1,860 ropani govt land in 6 yrs post-Panchayat

The so-called land mafia, which succeeded in transferring possession of even public land adjoining the high minister’s official residence, is found to have illegally grabbed over 1,860 ropani within six years after the give up of the Panchayat political device in the country.

This alarming fact used to be uncovered in the direction of probing the Lalita Niwas land snatch by way of land mafia in collusion with top politicians and land income officials. Although this remember was added to light through a probe some 23 years ago, the indifference shown by the government solely emboldened the perpetrators.

The probe committee referred to in its document that 1,859 ropani, 14 aana three paisa three daam really worth various billions used to be illegally taken with the aid of the land mafia in collusion with political leaders and government officials. The authorities has already entrusted the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority and the Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police with investigating Lalita Niwas land which ended up in the identify of personal men and women after 2049 BS.

Land mafia and government employees are located to have grabbed the public land thru misinterpretation of choices taken via cabinets led by means of Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, Girija Prasad Koirala and Manmohan Adhikari. A High-level Commission on Investigation and Protection of Government and Public Land headed by way of Ram Bahadur Rawal was once fashioned in 2052 BS after various sizable parcels of authorities land ended up in private hands.

The file submitted by way of the Rawal fee had noted that 1,859 ropani, 14 aana 3 paisa three daam really worth various billions had already been grabbed through the land mafia.

The Supreme Court then issued a mandamus order to take motion on the groundwork of the Rawal fee report. But no motion has been taken against anyone.

The apex court docket had issued the order to the Office of Prime Minister and Council of Minister in response to a petition filed by using suggest Prakash Mani Acharya. A joint bench of Justices of Tapa Bahadur Magar and Mohan Prakash Sitaula issued the order on May 26, 2010, telling the government to recover land for this reason illegally taken .

The apex courtroom also asked the government to ensure desirable safety of public and authorities land as per the survey carried out in 2012 BS. Among other things, the court docket ordered the government to form a high-level probe to check out land grab outside Kathmandu Valley also. However, the initiative to recover public land grabbed by means of private men and women has just begun at the initiative of Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli.

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