‘Gupthi Bill came to the senses of Bhumaphia, if there was no frustration due to disappointment by the public representatives,

‘Gupthi Bill came to the senses of Bhumaphia, if there was no frustration due to disappointment by the public representatives,

KATHMANDU:Archaeologist Ganpati Lal Shrestha has said that Guthi Bill has come to the interests of Bhomaphia . He has demanded the bill to be favored for the misconduct. ‘This bill is not publicly understood by culture, wealth. Return and modify. The policy of protection and strong laws should come. However, related cadres and experts should have to be recycled, “he said.

This bill, which says that the rights of the culprits, will be automatically terminated, will affect more than 2,000 people, “he said. It seems like a strike to attack faith. Do not this bill make sense of culture?

He said that attempts were made to stumble on one side and to ban on the other side, which did not stop the process of conducting action by baning the hunger and bringing them into protection.

He expressed anger over the two governmental public representatives who did not consult the concerned community and direct organizations to bring the bill.

Recommendation of public opinion to street struggles

Archaeologist Prami Shrestha said that for the amendment of the Guthi Bill, suggested that the people of Kathmandu Valley represent the road struggle. This said that the bill deprived of land with Bhophia, showing that the bill came under the influence of large landscapes, did not have the option of nationwide conflict. Shrestha said that the people who were initially studying at the beginning and started getting alert after the movement started from the Maiti ghar , Shrestha said that the people’s representatives were called to speak in the house.

‘We are working to meet all the MPs, mayors, sub-metrics in Kathmandu valley. We met Prashashman Singh, Nepali Congress leader Prakashman Singh, Bijarej Shrestha, Rajvir Manandhar, Krishna Gopal Shrestha, Vajpayee Shrestha, and he said, “They are studying at the beginning,” he said. From now on, they have noticed that they are no longer struggling from the road. Birajbhakta Shrestha, a member of the MP, has come to an engineer. Now we have to fight the last fight. ‘

According to Shrestha, the law and order of the Gathi Bill registered in the Parliament on 23 and 24, the provision of the culture and culture by the State and the staff, the provision to intervene with the state, said that the bill to bring through the Ministry of Culture has come to the land of Malpot and land.

“This Bill is not only in the interest of Nehru, Tribal, but not only in Nepal’s interests. The effort to cultivate culture is not acceptable to us. Our movement has started at the UK and Sikkim. Continues in Dharan, Pokhara, Bangamat, Kirtipur. There is a nationwide movement if it is not addressed at the time, “he said.

He informed that the National Identity Conflict Committee was formed for protecting the ball. “It has been time to fight our survival,” he said, ‘The bill does not come back, the storm comes out.’


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