Travelers are missing for four days without flight

Travelers are missing for four days without flight
Travelers are missing for four days without flightTravelers are missing for four days without flight

Travelers are missing for four days without flight.Passengers have been abused due to no flight for the last three days in the airport of Tanjing Hillary Airport. Chief of the Lukla Airport, Pratin Shrestha, informed that during the four days of the weather, there could be no flight and departure from the weather.

No flights have been completed since Friday since the morning and there were light showers and light rain. There was no flight even after seven flight tables on Monday. When the flight is affected, about 200 Indigenous and foreign travelers are forced to live in Lukla. The tourists have encountered problems even if the tourists visiting the Khambu area are not the option of the airport. Some passengers have been walking from Lukla to Suleri and are traveling through Kathmandu, while other passengers are waiting for weather to be favorable.

The road network has reached this year till Salarki from Khambupasanglum Village-1 Kharkakhola. But to reach Kharkakhola, direct road connectivity has been broken due to lack of bridge in the measurement of VDC No. 2 of Measidhadhakashi and no bridge in Milad Koshashi river. Although there is direct traffic by holding Hampiap in the winter, there has been a problem in the road traffic after the flow of water has increased in about one month.

According to the village chairman, Igor Durgi Sherpa, the road network is working to connect the road network to the Khambupasanglum village center in the coming year. According to Sherpa, the federal government has also got the commitment to focus on the road expansion of this region.

According to Sherpa, the tourists, who were able to provide arrangements for the system of roads till Charkhark, will come to an end.

Tourists who come to visit different mountains with the Everest, are not the only option except for the airport.

After losing passengers in Lukla, there has been a few walks in the hotel. Hotel tourists of this area also go out with tourists ‘Season’. As the main source of income for this region is tourism, the hotel businessmen have come out in Kathmandu and also to visit after the completion of the season.

Travelers are missing for four days without flight

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