North Korea tests two ballistic missiles again Saturday morning

North Korea tests two ballistic missiles again Saturday morning
North Korea strikes two ballistic missiles again

North Korea has tested two missiles at sea. This is the fifth missile fired by North Korea in recent weeks. According to the South Korean military, it is a short-range ballistic missile. If this is to be confirmed, then this test is in violation of the UN Security Council resolution. US President Donald Trump has said North Korea’s top leader, Kim Jong Un, is not happy about the US-South Korea’s current joint military exercises. What do you know about this new test? ,The two missiles were fired from near Hammhung, the eastern city of southern Hemongyang province. It fell into the Japan Sea on the East Korean peninsula. The two missiles were fired at 05:34 and 05:50 local time . These two traveled about four hundred kilometers. The South Korean military said in a statement that the missiles reached a maximum speed of 48 kilometers, with a faster speed than the Mach 6.1. In June, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim met to discuss restarting the nuclear disarmament deal, but since then North Korea has been continuously testing missiles and rockets. What did Kim write to Trump in the letter? Shortly before the launch of the missile, the US president raised a letter. Trump said Kim wrote a beautiful letter to himself. In an interview with a reporter at the White House, Trump said the letter was a very positive letter. He said, ‘I think we will meet again. He really wrote me a beautiful three-letter letter. I mean, from start to finish, it’s beautiful – it’s a very beautiful letter. ‘ Korea tests two ballistic missiles

North Korea has expressed dissatisfaction over the joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea. Combined military exercises with South Korea and the United States: However, major military exercises will begin on August 11, but significant preparations have already begun. This joint military exercise is mainly computer simulated. This military exercise is less important than the previous exercises between the US and South Korea. But North Korea considers it a provocative action. Korea tests two ballistic missiles

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