Pashupati Rana also stood in favor of Monarchy

Pashupati Rana also stood in favor of Monarchy
Rastriya Prajatantra Party Senior Leader Pashupati Shamsher Rana speaks at the the Reports Club in the Capital, on Wednesday, February 3, 2016. Photo: Reporters' Club

KATHMANDU: Pashupati Shamsher Jabara, a leader of a constituent of the National Democratic Party, has been advocating for the republic. Jabara has been making the Monarchy agenda for the last time as he has been demanding the Hindu nation before. After the People’s Movement of 2062/063 farewell the monarchy and brought the republic, only the Kamal Thapa faction in the RPP was raising the agenda for the restoration of the Hindu nation and the constitutional monarchy. In an interview held in the capital on Saturday, Chairman of the RPP United, Rana, has made public the notion of keeping the monarchy in the role of the head of the nation. He said that the role of the president of Nepal as president of the country could not be fair and independent. “It has been eleven years since the end of the monarchy in Nepal, the role of the current president of the nation has not gone beyond the party,” said Rana in an interview with the Reporters Club. He argues that only an old institution like Monarchy can play the role of the head of the nation, since it is fair and not affiliated with any party. ‘We have called democracy with a monarchy. It should be debatable, ”he said. Chairman Rana objected to the construction of the Presidency Office for the soaking of the land of the police training center, which is now adjacent to President Sheetal Niwas. Pashupati Rana favor of Monarchy

He said, “The president has now pushed the Polish Academy up the hill to fulfill his hobbies. Which is contrary to public sentiment and selfish motivation. ‘Rana lamented that the country, which has 81 per cent Hindus and 94 per cent families of the Okar, made secularism. He said, ‘Now it is important to make this country a Hindu state. We raised this issue even when the constitution was promulgated. ‘ Oli and Prachanda urge them not to fear the king .Chairman Rana also urged CPN-Maoists KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda to not fear the former king Gyanendra Shah. Asked about the warning given by CPN (U) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda for warning King Gyanendra Shah not to speak too much, he said, ‘What Prachandaji said was his freedom. But, do so by threatening, not saying that he should not. The king did not go on the talk saying that I will return. Everywhere he goes, there is a crowd of people, is that a crime? ‘ With the king, Oli and Pracha are scared? In another question he asked, ‘I do not understand why they are scared.”Oli government corrupted, country’s economy is crisis-stricken’ Chairman Rana said the present two-thirds were a golden opportunity to work with the government, but it wasted opportunity. He accused the government of turning people’s hopes into utter disappointment and was extremely corrupt. After six months of formation of the government, the results have come to naught, said Jabara. He also said that the economy of the country is crisis-free. He said, ‘It has been years since we suffered a trade deficit. Like the trade deficit, the payment deficit has now reached. This is not a trivial matter. Nepal’s trade deficit is like a budget. Now exports are more than 14 times more exports. The payment deficit has reached 68.2 billion. It is now only five months since the foreign exchange reserves. Now if it falls in 2 months, we will reach Pakistan. ‘ He said it was sad to see the current government do not care, despite the huge crisis in the country. He alleged that the government did not pay attention to the financial discipline. He said that the contribution of Nepal’s industry to the domestic product was 11 percent a decade ago, but now it has dropped to 5 percent. He said that even though he was selling electricity and accelerating development in order to get over all this, he said that it was not the case now. ‘Internal Affairs of Jammu and Kashmir Hindustan’ On different occasions, Chairman Jabra made it clear that India’s recent move on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir was an internal matter and that they had no idea about it. He said, ‘The government has also said that India is an internal matter. We say the same. This is a case of Hindustan. ‘ Pashupati Rana favor of Monarchy

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