In Cows and Bulls Death Case: Who Will Be Involved

In Cows and Bulls Death Case: Who Will Be Involved
Who Will Be Involved in Cows and Bulls Death Case

Kathmandu : The negligence of Dhawal Shamsher Rana has been in the mayor of Nepalgunj sub-metropolis.Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City has been found dead in the Katakuwa forest area of ​​Birendranagar municipality in Surkhet due to negligence in the management of livestock cows and bulls. 25 cows were found dead on Friday when the sub-metropolis sent Dailekh, demanding proper management of cows and  bulls . Of the 291 cows and bulls, 25 cows and bulls were found dead in the Katakuwa forest of Birendranagar, police said.  Some cows and bulls were found dead in hills and some along the road. It is understood that the cows and bullswere left in Nepalgunj Bazaar while they were being taken away to leave the religious area of ​​Dailekh at Sristhan.Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan Mayor Dhawal Shamsher Rana did not come in contact when asked repeatedly for feedback. However, the information officer of Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City Sharad Kumar Poudel’s allegation that the bull has been dropped from hill is not true. “We also sent a team of city guards along with cows and bulls. In the meantime, if someone wanted to buy cows and bulls, we sent them away to share them,” Poudel said. According to him, the cows and bulls were sent to Nepalgunj in eight trucks. The cowshed house of Nepalgunj is small and it is said that cows and bulls have been sent in coordination with District Administration Office Banke. RPP publicity department chief Mohan Shrestha stressed that the party should seriously investigate the issue of cows and bulls deaths in the forest of Surkhet. Stating that his own party was headed in the Nepalgunj sub-metropolis, he said that the party was also working on a internal understanding of how it was done. ‘The party has become serious about this; Mayor of Nepalgunj Dhawal Shamsher Rana is the responsible leader and respected personality of the party. He is also investigating how this happened. The party is determined that anyone who is guilty should be brought to action, ”he said. Demand for action against the guilty. But from social media, various bodies have strongly demanded action against the culprits for the cows and bulls  deaths. Cows and Bulls Death Case.

Save the Lives head Uttam Pudasaini said that the cows and bulls, which were loaded with truck from Nepalgunj, had received serious attention over the incident. He said, “This kind of brutal killing of a national animal has forced everyone to think about the way our society is heading. The mass killings of cows have raised alarming Nepalese community as discussions of transgression over cows and bulls have crossed the border in recent times.  Pudasaini said such incidents of cows were occurring while smuggling of cows and bulls through border crossings was gaining regularity. He pointed out the need for a Kanji House in each town for the management of Chhota Chaupar. ‘The killing of a national animal is also a betrayal of the nation. The injustice and cruelty of the national animal must end now. Every town needs to have at least one Kanji house, ‘he said.  In this case, Nepali Congress and other parties have also emphasized that serious investigation should be taken. Meanwhile, central member of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), Bishnu Rizal, has been deployed to Bhairavi village ward no. 1, the name of Sristhan has been misleading propaganda that 370 cows from Nepalgunj have been ‘taken for rearing’. He wrote on social operations Facebook, ‘Bhairavi village ward no. 1, the name of Sristhan has been misleadingly propagated as “cow taken for rearing” from Nepalgunj.  Cows and Bulls Death Case. He claimed that the cows were being taken to Sristhan, but he did not inform anyone in the area. Shrestha Temple Management Committee Chairman Keshav Thapa, ward no. Kashiram Karki, the president , Prem Bahadur Budha, the president of the village and Sarbaraj Mahatara, a member of the district coordination committee, have no information about this. ” ‘There is no place to stop the cows, but there is no barrier at Sristhan. People are shocked to hear this news, ‘said Rizal. He said two things were clear from this. Rizal has said, “Or they were going to take the cows in the night and force them to leave for Shrestha. Either it was taken at night to kill the mob and kill it. ‘ Meanwhile, after the incident was made public, Urban Development Minister Mohammad Istiq Rai also issued a statement on Friday demanding legal action against the culprit. The demand for action against the culprit has also been raised. Investigate Police have arrested seven people, including four trucks, for investigating the cows and bulls deaths. Deputy Superintendent of Police at the District Police Office, Surkhet, Ravi Rawal, said that seven persons, including four trucks, were taken under control and that everything would be opened only after investigation. According to Rawal, culprits will be prosecuted under the Criminal Code of the country. Sub-section (1) of Article 289 of the Criminal Code states that no act intended to kill or injure a cows or an bulls. According to clause 2, there is a provision of three years imprisonment for killing cows and bulls. Cows and Bulls Death Case.

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