Chinese citizens illegally withdraw money from Nepali Bank’s ATM

Chinese citizens illegally withdraw money from Nepali Bank’s ATM
Chinese citizens illegally withdraw money from Nepali Bank's ATM

Kathmandu: Two days ago, Chinese nationals who came to Nepal have withdrawn money from Nepali banks using more than 149 ATM cards. Bank officials and police have discovered new information on how they managed to extract millions of cash from ATMs. The first Chinese people backed. By sending a virus (malware) to the system’s database, the ATM card holder’s secret code number ( password) was handed over.Then they have to differentiate between the bank’s ATM mechanism, Visa International’s mechanism abroad, Nepal Electronic Payment System (NEPS) and the bank’s mechanism. Developed a new mechanism between Visa and NEPS to affect affiliation. The first order to get money from Visa International would be to go to the bank through the system of NEPS and then get the money to go to the bank through the system of NEPS. Exit. It is estimated that the visa mechanism may have approved the payment to ATMs by sending fake orders from Naples and possibly other payment switches. Banks and police officials are investigating as to who orders more visas because of the four payment switches in Nepal. According to Gyanendra Dhungana, president of Bankers Association, they came to Nepal two days ago after handing over the secret number of their customers. Since they were not crowded on Saturday, they have been seen using their ATMs constantly to withdraw money. Chinese citizens illegally withdraw.

Ashok Sherchan, chief executive of Prabhu Bank, said on Saturday that the hackers were trying to exploit the Nabil Bank, which is not in the direct mechanism of Naples. Banking using ATMs that do not have direct connection to NAPS is likely to provide slower information to banks. How the Chinese hackers handled the secret PIN number of the ATM user of the bank and it has been the subject of serious investigation into which level of staff of which institution of Nepal is involved. According to Uttam Raj Subedi, the head of the police premises, the hackers were found to have used fake ATM cards of 132 fake and 17 Chinese citizens. The Chinese are highly knowledgeable of the technology and they have also brought sophisticated equipment to prepare a proxy mechanism in Nepal’s bank system. The hackers have made money using ATMs in Nepal, India and Bhutan. How Chinese people planned to use Nepalese money in large quantities was a subject of further research, it said. Chinese citizens illegally withdraw.

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