Fierce air strikes in Yemen, More than 60 detainees were killed

Fierce air strikes in Yemen,  More than 60 detainees were killed
Fierce air strikes in Yemen, More than 60 detainees were killed

The Houthi-controlled Ministry of Health says at least three warplanes have been killed in Saudi air strikes in Sanaa, Yemen, last night. The ministry said the Saudi Arabian Alliance had airstrikes at least seven times in prisons under ceasefire. 60 people were killed and more than 100 were injured in the incident. The ministry said that the search and rescue of the deceased, dead or injured, was being carried out at the scene. It is estimated that the death toll may increase due to the critical condition of the injured. In the meantime, al-Masirah television operated by the Houthi group broadcast a horrifying scene of a prisoner of war inside a community college campus in Dhamar province. International Red Cross officials had also visited the place from time to time. According to the Red Cross, both the Red Cross and the Saudi alliance were well aware of the prisoner of war. Fierce air strikes in Yemen.

According to Houthi, about 170 soldiers who had fought many wars from the government side were kept in captivity for a few months in that temporary jail. The Saudi coalition has claimed air strikes targeting the Houthi group centers in Dhamar. The Saudis have attacked the air defense missile systems and drone storage centers concealed by the Houthis. Dhamar is about 100 km south of the capital, Sanaa. Saudi Arabia has been conducting airstrikes against the Houthi insurgents since 2014. The Houthi rebels have maintained control over the northern provinces, including Dhamar and Sanaa. Here is the world-wide truth to see and experience the shining example that a country like paradise does not have to wait long for hell. Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his government have been displaced by the Houthi rebels from Sanaa.Saudi Arabia has launched airstrikes against Iran-backed Houthi rebels. Thousands have been killed and millions displaced due to Yemen’s civil war. Fierce air strikes in Yemen.

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