The effect of alcohol on liver

The effect of alcohol on liver
The effect of alcohol on liver

The effect of alcohol on liver : The liver is the second largest organ within the body. The liver works to store energy in the body, digest food, and release toxins. It serves more than five hundred different functions in the body. The liver also works to digest protein, carbohydrate and fat.The effect of alcohol. In recent times the problem with college is increasing, mainly due to alcohol. Alcohol affects the body’s liver, heart, brain, intestines, intestine, etc.

Cirrhosis: This is a problem with liver problems. Persistent alcohol consumption for a long time causes cirrhosis. Cirrhosis usually occurs in two stages. The first stage consists of problems such as yellowing the eyes, vaping of blood, collecting water in the stomach, being unconscious, appearing in kidney problems. By the second stage, the liver is completely stiff. Called CLD in the medical language. After this condition, treatment is possible only with liver transplantation.

Cancer : Chronic cancer is more likely in a person who consumes alcohol for a long time. In the initial stages, surgery can be treated. However, treatment for the liver is not possible if the liver is severe.

Fatty liver : Fatty liver is the earliest visible condition in the liver. The liver may return to normal if it is completely discontinued. Frozen fat in the liver can be detected by video x-rays.

Alcoholic hepatitis : Alcoholic hepatitis can be a problem if you do not stop drinking alcohol after having fatty liver problems. Symptoms include jaundice, The effect of alcohol, disgusting eating, right sore throat, fever and feeling weak. Jaundice’s problem is exacerbated by the absence of alcohol, which is a serious alcoholic hepatitis. After this the blood becomes very thin. Almost 50 percent of patients died of alcoholic hepatitis. Alcohol in the world is a substance that has made people an integral part of pain, happiness, pride, and more.The invention of alcohol has proved to be a curse on human life.

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