Hospital fraud dengue test charges up to Rs 1800

Hospital fraud dengue test charges up to Rs 1800
Hospital fraud, Dengue test charges up to Rs 1800

Kathmandu:   Although the government has banned the use of pests for dengue testing, private and government hospitals have been collecting funds in the name of it. The hospital has found that the dengue test charges against the government’s instruction have been levied from Rs. 400 to Rs 1800. However, the Ministry of Health and Population and the subordinate bodies are becoming more and more entrenched. Additional challenges have been seen in the implementation of the ministry due to lack of strong monitoring. There is a complaint that the government is calling the treatment free but the patients are paying hefty fees. The hospital complains of a high-risk patient being taken to a blood test for Dengue identification. So far, 5096 people from 56 districts have been diagnosed with dengue. Vivek Kumar Lal said. Director of the Division Dr. Lal said that the person does not know what kind of virus is in the person and said that the pest will not be required for the diagnosis. He said, ‘Dengue can be identified on the basis of white blood cell count and total platelet count. Likewise, the treatment process of a person based on the symptoms goes ahead. ‘ White blood cell count, total platelet count, and hematocrit were checked to determine if they had dengue. Similarly, Dengue can be diagnosed as the basis of the symptoms along with the diagnosis, the doctor said. According to doctors, during blood tests, white blood count may be less than four thousand and platelet count 0.1 million or less. Hospital fraud dengue test.

Infectious Disease of Teku Hospital Chief Consultant Tropical Medicine Anup Bantola said that pests would not be needed for dengue testing. There is extreme politics in pest, he said, ‘Dengue has spread as an outbreak. Therefore, the pest is not needed. WBC count, platelet count, hematocrit testing and whether or not dengue is diagnosed according to symptoms. ‘Dengue fever is a type of infectious disease caused by adis mosquito bites. The measles vaccine infected with the Dengue virus transmits the disease. This mosquito bites only in the afternoon. As the rainy season begins, the outbreak of dengue fever begins to increase. The government has allocated Rs. 100 million for dengue prevention. For the local level, Rs. 16.7 million has been allocated for the local level, Rs. The department said the money was being spent on ‘search and destroy’ public awareness campaigns. However, the amount has not been used in some districts. Hospital fraud dengue test.

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