Indian Prime Minister Modi’s plane banned the skies of Pakistan

Indian Prime Minister Modi’s plane banned the skies of Pakistan
Indian Prime Minister Modi's plane banned the skies of Pakistan

Pakistan has refused to allow Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to use its airspace. Pakistan rejected the proposal immediately after the Indian government demanded Prime Minister Modi to leave for the United States on September 21 to provide airspace with Pakistan. After India’s decision to remove Section 370 from Kashmir, Pakistan is deeply disturbed by India. Pakistan has not been ready to accept even the basics of diplomacy since then. Indian Prime Minister Modi is going to the United States on September 21 and requested the Pakistani government to use airspace. But Pakistan did not allow it.Earlier, Pakistan had refused to allow Indian President Ram Nath Kovind’s flight from the airspace. Indian Prime Minister Modi’s.

According to Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, India had asked for permission for Prime Minister Modi’s flight from Pakistan to the United States on September 21 and to return on September 28. The Indian High Commission in Islamabad has also been reported after Pakistan did not give permission for this. “Considering the current situation in Kashmir and India’s view, we have decided not to allow our airspace to fly,” Qureshi said. India has strongly opposed Pakistan’s decision not to give up its airspace for Prime Minister Modi. Indian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ravish Kumar has said that the Pakistani government has refused to give way for the second time in a week. He also made it clear that Pakistan must adhere to international norms and refrain from its old practice of making such unilateral decisions. Indian Prime Minister Modi’s.

India can hit ICA: India is likely to sue the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) against Pakistan over the issue that it would not allow airspace for the special aircraft of Indian President and Prime Minister. According to the ICAO agreement, using airspace can only be avoided during a war between two countries. There is also a provision to punish countries that do not violate this rule. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is due to visit the US on September 21 to attend an event organized in the US on September 22. About 50,000 people will be present during this time.

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