We can’t see any pressure on Nepal: US Ambassador Berry

We can’t see any pressure on Nepal: US Ambassador Berry
We can't see any pressure on Nepal: US Ambassador Berry

Kathmandu :US Ambassador to Nepal  Randy Berry has said he does not want to see any pressure or influence on Nepal. Ambassador Berry also expressed his belief that Nepal stands in favor of Nepal and not in favor of anyone. Speaking at an interaction program on ‘American diplomacy in Nepal’ held in Kathmandu on Friday, he said Nepal could participate in the ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’ presented by the United States if needed. But for that, Ambassador Berry said that his country would not give any kind of pressure on Nepal. While discussing the ‘BRI’ concept that China has put forward in Nepal, US Ambassador Berry said that his country, despite advancing the ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’ for the interests of the Indo-Pacific, would not pressure Nepal to become a partner in that strategy. He also made it clear that the US wants Nepal to stand on its own, not in favor of China, India, the US or other countries. We can’t see any pressure.

Recalling that the relationship between the two countries was 70 years, Ambassador Berry also reminded Nepal that the US government is cooperating with Nepal every year. Ambassador Berry said that this year, the United States will also assist Nepal with Rs 50 billion Nepali under the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) project. He also said that the goal of the US government is to assist in poverty alleviation and economic development of Nepal. Ambassador Berry also mentioned that Nepal is an independent and sovereign country as a landlocked country and said that its country was always committed to help make it effective. Ambassador Berry said that a high level political visit was taking place to strengthen the relations between the two countries and would continue in the future. Recalling that the US has assisted Bhutanese refugee management in Nepal, he said there were plans to identify other regions and provide assistance. We can’t see any pressure.

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