In the eyes of foreigners, the Chinese President’s visit to Nepal is an opportunity for great achievement

In the eyes of foreigners, the Chinese President’s visit to Nepal is an opportunity for great achievement
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Kathmandu :The government is urgently preparing for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal. Prime Minister KP Oli has rallied with former prime ministers and foreigners on Thursday on how to present Nepal on a two-day visit to Nepal from next Saturday. In this discussion, the former Prime Minister and Foreign Ministers stressed on the preparations required by the government to create a visit to C and create an atmosphere of trust. The agreement is to be signed during President Xi’s two-day state visit to the areas of connectivity including extension of rail services, road extension, extension of power lines. The high-level meeting between President Xi and Prime Minister KP Oli is believed to have sparked even relations between the two countries. The visit of President Xi plays a vital role in advancing the concept of economic prosperity and development of the country as well as increasing cooperation in infrastructure, education and health sector. Foreign officials have reacted to President Xi’s visit, the importance of it, and the benefits Nepal can take from it. In the eyes of foreigners.

Nepal should take full advantage of Xi’s visit: Due to the geopolitical situation of Nepal, Nepal is in competition with the major powers of the world. In such a situation, it is important for Nepal to adopt its foreign policy. India is not China and India is not China. We need both countries. Nepal should not be in the lurch. On the occasion of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal after 23 years, Nepal should clearly state its foreign policy and behavior. China has been saying that the anti-China activity in Nepal is stopping. This time, too, his emphasis is on it. He said he would give way to South Asia. Nepal can benefit from macroeconomic and development through the BRI forwarded by China. For this, it is wise to present accordingly. There is a need for intense discussion between C and Nepal’s political leadership on this. If Nepal is added to the BRI project, the opportunity to become a linked country from the Land Locked Country opens. If that happens then no one can impose a blockade in Nepal. This project is about to bring the train through. This enables Nepal to transit trade to a third country. Nepal is then known in the world as a free nation. Nepal can also benefit from Xi’s visit to Nepal. The state should do enough homework for that. In the eyes of foreigners. Be transparent and willing to compromise and cooperate. There may also be some concerns from the Chinese side. Their first concern is security. For security we must guarantee him. Only then can plans of far-reaching significance be compromised. China’s railway plans could prove to be a treasure trove for Nepal’s development and economic prosperity. Kerung-Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini rail services can be expanded to increase Nepal’s economic growth. If only 10 percent of China’s population comes to Nepal after rail service expansion, it will have a positive impact on Nepal. The issue of which some even say that they will not extend the railway service by borrowing is the desire of those who do not want development in Nepal. Rail services can be extended by borrowing a few percent. The loan can be repaid within 15 years. Doing so could make Nepal the ‘transit country’ of China and South Asia. In the eyes of foreigners.

If believe, the result will be pleasant: Whether the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping or any other high-level such visit, the agreements between the two countries have already been decided diplomatically. During the visit, he is the only one to sign the agreement. In fact, the talks between President Xi and Prime Minister KP Oli are more important during the Chinese President’s visit to Nepal. The consensus, understanding, and trust that will then lead to a long-term relationship. For this, Prime Minister Oli should focus on what to do and how to do in high-level talks with Chinese President Xi. In my experience, believing in such a dialogue will result in a happy outcome. But don’t expect and expect each other to surprise or surprise you at such a high level meeting. President Xi’s visit is important to advance the concept of economic prosperity and development: During President Xi’s visit, the areas of connectivity, including expansion of railway services, expansion of roads, extension of electric lines, will add a new dimension. A high-level meeting between President Xi and Prime Minister KP Oli can be believed to have sparked a seamless relationship between the two countries. Chinese President Xi’s visit plays an important role in advancing the concept of economic prosperity and development of the country. It can also be expected to increase drastically in Nepal’s infrastructure, education and health sector. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, when he was the first Prime Minister, said the agreements made with China would be of special priority. “When President Xi Jinping visits Nepal, Prime Minister KP Sharma’s first agreement with China when he becomes Prime Minister will be the agenda of the visit,” said Karki, a former ambassador. Nepal should strive for its implementation, ”he said, urging President Xi to invest in infrastructure and support.In the eyes of foreigners.

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