Signing of a 20-point MoU between Nepal and China

Signing of a 20-point MoU between Nepal and China
Signing of a 20-point MoU between Nepal and China

Kathmandu: During the two-day official visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Nepal and China have agreed and agreed on 20 different areas. In the presence of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Chinese President Xi, the ministers and officials of both countries exchanged agreements and understanding letters. Prime Minister Oli and a high-level delegation led by Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed on the points agreed during formal talks on Sunday morning. The points also came in agreement with the consensus after the visit, as Nepal prepares to prioritize the communication network in talks with the Chinese delegation before the visit. Under the connectivity network, a memorandum of understanding has been signed to study the feasibility of building the Kathmandu Kerung railway. An agreement was reached between the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport and the Transport Ministry of China for the project. The government said ahead of the visit of Chinese President Xi, the two most powerful and most populous nations in the world, India and China, wanted to move forward to exploit their geographical location. The points of agreement also include the expectations and priorities of the government. The agreement between the two countries’ planning commissions has been reached in order to promote Chinese investment and exchange cooperation on points of agreement. The agreement between the two countries was agreed to encourage Chinese investment. Signing of a 20-point MoU.

There is also agreement between the two countries on the tunnel construction needed to expand the Himalayan cross-border network. In the first phase of the effort, the Ministry of Finance and China International Development Cooperation Organization have reached agreement.Likewise, it is important for the two countries to form a joint working team to increase trade on the points of agreement. Another important point of consensus is to set up a task force to establish investment support. After the high-level discussions, the agreement is expected to be resolved in the coming days, including the problems seen in export of agricultural products of Nepal. An agreement has also been taken to resolve the problem of export of fruits such as oranges and seasonal fruits. Signing of a 20-point MoU.

Here are the points of understanding between the two countries during the Chinese President’s much awaited visit to Nepal –

1. Establish nephew relations between Kathmandu Municipal Corporation and Nanjie City of China – Agreement

2. Agreement to establish nephew relations between Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City and Xi’an City

3. Understanding between the Ministry of Health and Population and the Chinese body to exchange support for traditional treatment methods.

4. Understanding Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Rescue Assistance

5. Understanding cooperation between the Office of the Attorney General of the two countries

6. Border Management Strengthening – Consent

7. Exchange of cooperation for the empowerment of good governance

8. In relation to common legal assistance in criminal cases – treaty

9. Sagarmatha(mountain) – For the protection of Jhumlong – compromise

10. Tribhuvan University and Confucius Institute agree to establish Confucius Institute at TU

11. Agreement between the Department of Agriculture and the Customs Administration of China on the protocol required for export of fruits like Sweet Lime and orange.

12. Understanding to create a joint task force for trade

13. Certificate of Acceptance for Chinese Support Monitoring Network Project

14. Establish a joint task force for financial assistance

15. For the construction of tunnels – understanding

16. Exchange of Letters for Security Equipment and Office Equipment

17. Under the National Planning Commission and the National Development and Restructuring Commission of China to encourage investment of important projects – understanding


18. Establish consulate of Nepal in Chindu – exchange of comments

19. To study the feasibility of railway crossing projects in China and Nepal – understand

20. Feasibility Study of Chinese Cooperation Minute Water Improvement

President Xi is the third Chinese President to visit Nepal after the creation of modern China, which is a state visit by the friendly invitation of President Bidadevi Bhandari. Attempts to visit the Chinese president were not possible in recent years.

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