response of India to Kalapani: Nepal’s border crossing  India’s rejection

response of India to Kalapani: Nepal’s border crossing  India’s rejection
India's response to Kalapani: Nepal's border crossing  India's rejection

Kathmandu : India has denied that Nepali land was blacked out, including in its new map. Speaking at a regular press conference held in New Delhi on Thursday, Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said the new map did not change the border with Nepal. During a press conference, a journalist asked what was India’s view of the outrage and protests being expressed in Nepal about India’s new political map. His further question was – the government of Nepal has issued a release saying that Kalapani is an integral part of it. What is India’s formal opinion on this? In response, Spokeswoman Ravi Kumar said, “Our new map covers the sovereign land of India. The new map has not changed our border with Nepal. A bilateral mechanism is in the process of demarcating Nepal with Nepal. We would like to reiterate our commitment to resolve the problem through dialogue in the spirit of bilateral friendly relations. He said that the government should be stopped by the government of both the countries raising the issue of border. ‘At the same time, we want to say that both sides should stop the vested interests. response of India to Kalapani.

There are some elements that are trying to create differences between the two countries, ”said Ravish Kumar. Earlier on Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Kalapani was Nepali land, saying that India’s unilateral decision would not be valid. Kalapani and Lipulek have also been included in a new map released by India last week to make Jammu and Kashmir two centrally administered areas. The map has been widely opposed in Nepal at the level of people saying that India occupied Nepali land. The world has become so obsessed with bigotry that it is customary for the little ones to cheat and eat.  response of India to Kalapani.

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