There is a demand for 50 billion tonnes of sand annually in the world, how long will it last?

There is a demand for 50 billion tonnes of sand annually in the world, how long will it last?
There is a demand for 50 billion tonnes of sand annually in the world, how long will it last

Kathmandu: A businessman was shot dead in South Africa last September. A month earlier, two people were killed in a clash in India. An environmental activist was killed in Mexico. Thousands of miles apart, all these events had one thing in common – they were killed in the struggle for the most useful objects of the 21 century. The most useful item of the 21 century is sand. Its importance is increasing day by day. The importance of understanding the importance of humanity is not yet understood. Sand has become a very important commodity in today’s environment. This is one of the basic objects of modern city construction. Not only buildings like shopping malls, big business buildings, roads, hospitals, schools, windows are also used in the construction of window glass, screen of smartphones. A lot of sand is used in the manufacture of computer silicon chip or electronic equipment. At first glance, there is abundant sand in the soil. Whether it is desert or river, sand is present in the river. Building Materials Suppliers have the responsibility of bringing sand into the home. So for many people the experience of having sand is readily available at a reasonable price. In fact, the world is beginning to miss the sand. The world uses about 50 billion tonnes of sand every year. Ballast and sand used in one year in the world can cover the whole of the UK.There is a demand for, Desert is considered as a reserve of sand, but desert sand cannot meet our needs. The sand particles found in the desert do not qualify as solid concrete. The sand we need is found along the banks of the river. The sand found on the shores of the sea and lake is also useful to us. Excavation of sand at sea level is intensifying.  Don in various countries of the world including India have been illegally occupied in the process of sand mining. As a result, violence and killings have even started. According to researcher Pascal Peduzzi, who is affiliated with the United Nations Environmental Program, every year 2 billion tons of sand is extracted, and this does not affect the environment and the lives of ordinary people.Increasing urbanization The rapid urbanization and increasing migration from village to city is the main reason behind the increasing demand for sand. Asia, Africa, and Latin America are growing at an unprecedented pace. The population of the city has increased fourfold since 1979. At present, there are 4.2 billion people living in cities around the world. The UN estimates that in the next three decades,2.5 billion people will be added to the city. This means that eight New York cities are growing each year around the world. For all these, a large amount of sand is needed to construct a road to house and transport. In India, the use of sand in construction has increased three times since then. There is a demand for, The amount of sand that China has used over the past decade is more than the US has used in a century. Demand for sand is so high in the present era that even Dubai on the beach has demanded sand from Australia.

Occupying the sea : Not only for construction work, but also with the help of sand, new land has been started. From California to Hong Kong, huge ships are expanding the beach by removing sand from the sea. Dubai’s Palm Tree Island is renowned for its textured textures worldwide. But there are many examples of people building a city by capturing the sea. In Lagos, the largest African country in Nigeria, 9.7 square kilometers of land is being drained annually from the Atlantic Ocean. This was done to ensure that the growing population lacked living space. China has built hundreds of miles of new coastline. Even China has built new islands and built luxury resorts on it. Ban on export of sand : Excavation of sand has resulted in the loss of livelihoods of fishing communities in Malaysia and Cambodia. China has lost its seabed while trying to build new land on the sea. There is a demand for, As a result, birds, fish and other organisms are disappearing. Singapore has drained nearly 50 square miles of seafloor over the past five years for its more than 600,0000 population. But the environment is facing heavy costs. Countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia have banned export of sand to Singapore. The land is thus being raised: According to a research group in the Netherlands, since 1989, humans have expanded more than 5237 square miles of land. This area is similar to a country like Jamaica. Most of it is made of sand. Consumption of sand in concrete and other industrial uses has been a major cause of waste. Extracting sand used for construction by the river is not that difficult. It is customary to fill the sand in a bucket by the river and bring it to the shore. But when the sand is drained, the water drains away the aquifer. Sand substitute : Due to the sand, 81-year teacher to 22-year worker has been murdered. There has been increasing awareness about the loss of sand from uncontrolled excavation. Some scientists are beginning to look for alternatives to sand. For example, scientists have been working to determine whether coal, as well as ash, plastic pieces, paddy mulch, etc., can be used as an alternative. Scientists are also trying to develop concrete to reduce sand consumption. New thinking needed : There is an urgent need for new ideas for the construction of cities. Most scientists are calling on the World Trade Organization and the United Nations to intervene to prevent the loss of sand. There is a demand for, According to Matt Benediken, a scientist at the University of Colorado in the US, there has been a need to plan surveillance so that the sand excavation can be monitored worldwide. No one knows how much sand is being extracted from the river in the world. It does not even track the condition of the work. Everyone knows that the sand is being worked out. As per the requirement, sand is being extracted from the river. Human interests are limited to this.

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