Liverpool pick in next season’s Champions League

Liverpool pick in next season’s Champions League
Liverpool pick in next season's Champions League

The Champions League knockout phase has not even started this season, but the former winner Liverpool have been selected for the competition’s next season. Liverpool will be the first team to be selected in the European Football Team’s highest competition for the season 2020-2021. Liverpool have secured the top four spots in the Premier League after Chelsea lost to Manchester United in a game on Monday night. With 12 games remaining, Jorgen Klopp’s team is 36 points ahead of Tottenham in fifth. Liverpool are 76 points short of 36 games with Tottenham limited to 40 points. Now Jose Mourinho’s team will not be able to overtake Liverpool if they win all the remaining games and Liverpool lose all the rest of the game. Liverpool have reached the final of the last two editions of the Champions League. This season is Atletico facing Madrid on Tuesday in the first leg of the knockout phase. Liverpool pick in next season’s Champions League.

With Manchester City being restricted to the tournament so far, the fifth team in the Premier League will have the opportunity to play in the competition. Liverpool have won all the upcoming games and Manchester City and Lester City have lost points in the paper that Liverpool are likely to win the Premier League title when they win their match against Bournemouth on March 7. The fastest to win the league title is Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United. United had won the title on April seventh in a 2000–01 season. But when you consider where the club was when Klopp first took over then it’s clear just how excellent their progress has been. Liverpool pick in next season’s Champions League.

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