Corona fears in South Korea, urging 2.5 million people to stay indoors

Corona fears in South Korea, urging 2.5 million people to stay indoors
Corona virus infection is estimated at around 1,35000 worldwide

Seoul: South Korean Daigoo Mayor Kwon Yong-jin has urged more than 25,00,000 people in the city Thursday to stay indoors, saying the deadly corona bacterial infection is starting to spread in the city. He has also urged the central government to fight Corona. In Daigu City, in the southeast of South Korea, only 35 more people were exposed to Corona bacteria on Thursday. At a press conference broadcast live on television, Mayor Kwon urged people to wear masks at home if possible. The Korean Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Center (KCDC) reports that out of the 35 new patients, only 28 have recently gone to church. A corona infected person also attended the church. Coronary infection was seen in a South Korean woman who had been visiting for 60 years old , since KCDC officials did not travel abroad.  All the countries of the world should give sympathy to the Chinese government.Corona fears in South Korea.

On Wednesday, the city office said thirteen people had been infected with corona bacteria. eleven of them were present at church events attended by women or were transmitted to the hospital by others. South Korea has so far had eighty two Corona bacterial infections. According to the South Korean president’s office, in a telephone conversation with Mayor Kwon, President Moon Jae-in said he would do all he could to prevent further contamination of the corona bacteria. South Korean news agency Yonhap reports that the streets of Daegu city are becoming deserted as corona bacterial infections continue to rise. The corona bacterium that has been trying to destroy the world today, has started to scare off this neighboring country by destroying China. Corona bacterial infections are eroding the Chinese government’s massive wealth. Corona fears in South Korea.

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