Starts first drug test against corona bacteria

Starts first drug test against corona bacteria
Nearly 200 million jobs are in crisis due to Corona virus epidemic

Omaha: The first clinical trial of corona bacterial treatment is underway in US Nebraska, US health officials said. It is being prepared to administer the drug to 400 patients in 50 locations across the globe. Half of the patients included in the study will be given antiviral drugs, while the other half will be given a placebo. Another company of the same kind is also testing. However, many types of studies are currently underway for coronary treatment worldwide. Dr. Andre Kalil, a scientist at Nebraska Medical Center, said the center began researching new drugs soon after the outbreak of the coronary virus spread from China became worldwide. The center plans to treat Covid-19 infected patients as a drug test. “Serving people in urgent need is our main goal,” said Dr. Kalil. Fourteen people rescued from a Japanese cruise ship were admitted to the Nebraska Medical Center. Covid-29 infection was seen in 12 of them. Starts first drug test against.

No authentic treatment or vaccine for this new and mysterious Corona virus has been made yet. More than 80,000 people have been infected worldwide due to coronary artery disease, and 2,700 have died. Most of the deaths are from Chinese citizens. Doctors are only giving fluids and pain relievers to patients who have been treated for fever, cough and difficulty breathing. Physicians can help the sick person to breathe using a ventilator or pump oxygen into the body using a machine that facilitates the functioning of the heart and lungs. In China, trials using a remodevir based drug manufactured by Gilead Sciences have been performed in at least two patients. On the other hand, the combination of lopinavir and ritonavir used to make HIV drugs is also testing another drug. In a preliminary research report published last month by the World Health Organization, remodexure was accepted as the ‘most likely’ measure. This study was used as a brief trial in some Ebola patients in Congo. WHO says laboratory studies suggest that SARS and MERS can be treated in combination with the new corona virus. Gilead has provided this drug for use to a small number of patients, including one from the state of Washington who became ill after visiting the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the Corona outbreak. He has not been admitted to the hospital, but it is unknown whether the remodeling assisted him. Starts first drug test against.

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