The horror of Corona: A third of the population in Italy is isolated

The horror of Corona: A third of the population in Italy is isolated
Corona virus infection is estimated at around 1,35000 worldwide

Rome: The Italian government has ordered more than 15 million people to live in Quarantine on Sunday in northern Italy. The government has been forced to take drastic measures in an effort to curb the deadly coronavirus infection. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte tweeted that he had signed a plan to curb traffic for at least a month in large areas, including Venice and the financial capital Milan. Prime Minister Conte’s order has called for the closure of theaters, museums and theaters that are crowded with people. “I have finally approved the new order because of the coronavirus,” Conte said. Italian newspapers Courier Della Sera and other media have published news stating that traffic in northern Italy is prohibited. In Italy, about two people have died due to Covid-19. In Italy, 230 people have died outside of China. The outbreak in China last December is affecting many countries around the world. According to the World Bank, Italy has the highest number of elderly people in the world after Japan, and the new coronavirus appears to be more likely to cause serious illness in the elderly. If there is an unreasonable “serious” reason, people will not be allowed to enter or leave the Quarantine area unless there are other urgent work or family issues, writes Courier Della Sera. The horror of Corona.

This includes the entire Lombardy area as well as Venice and the surrounding areas, and the cities of Parma and Rimini. This will affect one third of Italy’s total population of 60 million. Museums, nightclubs, gyms and casinos will be closed in these places. Stating that people are advised to stay indoors as soon as possible, the newspaper said that the restrictions will come into force by April 3. People outside these areas will be allowed to return to their homes. At bars and restaurants, customers will be allowed to stay open if they manage to stay close to one meter away. This arrangement in Italy is similar to that of Hubei province in China. Since the end of January, the entire city has been isolated from other areas after the outbreak of the virus in the capital city of Hubei.  Globally, the number of people infected with corona has exceeded one million. The disease has so far resulted in the deaths of 3500 and corona has spread to more than 95 countries worldwide. The horror of Corona.

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