Corona kills more than 11,417 people worldwide

Corona kills more than 11,417 people worldwide
The epidemic is projected to continue for two years, the end of 2020 is still frightening

Geneva: Corona virus outbreaks that have pervaded the pandemic around the world have killed 11,417 people on Saturday, and that number is increasing day by day. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, 2,76,000 people have been infected with the corona virus worldwide. Of the infected, 91,954 have returned home after treatment. More than 1,70,000 people are currently infected. The Corona virus Covid-19 infection has so far appeared in more than 73 countries. Covid-19, which originated in Wuhan city of China’s Hubei province, has been labeled a “global epidemic” by the World Health Organization. Coronavirus infection has killed 3,255 people across China while 81,000 were infected. The highest alert taken by China, the capital city of Hubei province, including the ban on transportation throughout the province, and emergency treatment with immediate treatment, are believed to have lowered the death rate for infected people. At present, 4,032 people have died in Italy, most affected by coronavirus. In Italy where the elderly population is higher, the daily mortality rate is in dire straits. There are currently 37,860 infected people in Italy. Among the nations of the Middle East, the Corona virus is the most dangerous case in Iran. Here, 1,43 people have died due to coronas, while 11,466 are infected. It is said that 6,745 people returned home after treatment. Corona kills more than .

Spain’s Corona virus infection kills 1,093 people At present, there are 18,890 infected persons. According to news received on Saturday, 1,588 people have returned home after treatment. In Germany, there have been infected 19,600 and 68 deaths. 180 people have returned home after treatment. 275 people have died in the United States. At present, there are 19,352 people infected and 147 have been treated. 450 people have died in France. At present, there are 10,575 people infected. In South Korea, 102 have died and 6,085 still have the infection. Coronavirus infections have killed 56 in Switzerland, 177in the UK, 106 in the Netherlands, 37 in Belgium and 35 in Japan.  Coronavirus infection has been reported in at least 270 people in India so far. In India, where 5 people have died, the Modi government on Sunday called for a “people’s curfew” to be imposed and no one outside the house. Other South Asian countries have been infected with 73 Sri Lanka,24 in Afghanistan, 20 in Bangladesh, 13 in the Maldives and 2 in Bhutan. In Nepal, although a person has been suspected of having a coronary infection so far, he has returned home after treatment, and no new infected person has been found. Corona kills more than .

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