US President Donald Trump again in handkerchief

US President Donald Trump again in handkerchief
Next week is an even bigger challenge for us: US President Trump said

Washington : A proposal for a trillion US dollars presented to the US upper house Senate in support of US President Donald Trump, calling for the rescue of the troubled US economy due to the Coronavirus, is unlikely. Members of the Democratic Party opposed to the proposal did not participate in the vote, and five members of the Republican Party were unable to attend the Senate vote because they were in quarantine in fear of a coronavirus infection. Democrats’ MPs have accused the Republican Party of failing to adequately protect millions of American workers. According to them, the proposed scheme has also failed to provide the healthcare services needed to those infected with coronavirus. The bill proposed spending nearly $ 170 billion or more to help American families and thousands of closed industry businesses. Despite intense negotiations between the Republicans, Democrats and the administration of President Donald Trump, the vote in the Senate had an equal number of votes in favor and opposition. To pass the bill, a 100-member Senate will require 60 votes. Five Republican senators, including Senator Rand Paul, are currently in self-quarantine.

He was not present in the Senate vote. Senator Paul announced on Sunday that he was active on Covid 19. Although there was extensive discussion on Sunday to pass the Bill for Financial Assistance, consensus was not reached. Senior Democrats member Chuck Sumter in the Senate and US Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin said there was “talks until late at night to reach consensus on the economic package”. The first impact of this could be on Monday’s US stock exchange trading, if the Senate disagrees. In the last two months, the US stock market downgraded by nearly 10,000 points. In recent days, the main U.S. stock exchange has been declining by four percent or more. Wall Street’s business is expected to decline on Monday. Hong Kong stock market fell five percent on Monday. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has strongly criticized the Democratic Party for failing to pass the economic package. He warned that the US would suffer huge financial losses if the US Congress did not immediately take appropriate action. “Now is not the time to play with the American economy and the American people,” he said. We must raise the public’s confidence that Parliament and the government are with you. ”  He claimed that billions of people are at risk of losing their jobs due to the crisis in the economy. He accused the Republicans of not making enough money to address the shortage of hospitals, equipment, medical personnel and other healthcare infrastructure. However, in the talks, Trump’s chief representative, Finance Minister Munchin, hopedmay  the bill would be passed on Sunday because of a proposed bill to provide adequate healthcare services to the general public, including working people.

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