Order more than half of America’s population to stay home

Order more than half of America’s population to stay home
Order more than half of America's population to stay home

More than half of the US population is ordered to stay home. The State has taken effective measures to control and prevent coronavirus, limiting households to more than half the population. According to US news channel CNN, at least 15 state, 30 municipalities in the United States have directed more than 166 million populations to live in homes. About fifty one  percent of the US population is restricted to housing. The Novel Corona virus originated in Wuhan, China, but its epicenter is gradually expanding internationally. Its epicenter is now Europe, so to speak, Italy. The number of Corona virus infections has reached 70,000 here, and John Hopkins University reports that the death toll has reached 7,000. Order more than half of America’s.

However, with the lockdown in Italy approaching two weeks, the number of infected and dead in Italy is estimated to decrease. According to experts, the incubation time of Kovid-19 is 1 to 14 days, so it takes a full two weeks to see the benefit of the government’s directive to allow people to stay indoors. The lockdown was held in Italy on March 13, meaning that Friday would be two weeks complete. The United States has recently banned travel in some places but has not been fully banned at the national level. According to CNN, as of Tuesday night in the United States, 51,976 infected people of the Novel Corona virus have been infected and seven hundred have died. CNN made this information based on information provided by the government and the local health department. According to CNN’s analysis, the number of infected people has increased by 3 percent since March 4. From March 18 to 19, the death toll in the United States increased by 51 percent, with the death toll rising from 8,760 to 13,229 in one day. However, US health workers, including the Department of Public Health, have warned that the worst situation is still to be seen. Order more than half of America’s.

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