The possibility of partial market opening tomorrow in some US states

The possibility of partial market opening tomorrow in some US states
Most infected in a single day in the United States

WASHINGTON DC: Businesses and markets in some U.S. states will be partially open on Monday. At a daily press briefing at the White House on Saturday, President Donald Trump said he would open some Texas and Vermont shops. President Trump said some states have taken concrete steps to resume business operations safely and in a phased manner. He said the market would be re-operational with social distance and other precautions. According to the BBC, Trump’s remarks came after the US issued a directive to restart the economy, removing sanctions imposed on the Corona virus. The possibility of partial market opening.

Likewise, President Trump said he was preparing to reopen the Florida state beaches. He claimed that the corona virus had crossed the extremes and now its infection would subside. But experts warn that the virus could spread further if the ban is lifted. The virus has spread since last December in the United States, killing 38,910 people so far. Similarly, the infection has been confirmed at seven lakh thirty five thousand and eighty six .Today the whole world, including the United States, is suffering from this epidemic. The possibility of partial market opening

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