Coronavirus vaccine test in Australia by an American company

Coronavirus vaccine test in Australia by an American company
Corona vaccine tested in monkeys The results are encouraging

A biotechnology company in the United States has launched a one-person injection program in Australia with the hope of developing an authentic corona virus vaccine by the end of this year. The US company NovaVax will vaccinate 131 volunteers in Australia in the first phase of the trial and test indications of its effectiveness, said Dr Gregory Glenn, head of research at the company. A dozen experimental vaccines against corona virus are being tested worldwide. Most of these vaccines are being tested in China, the United States and Europe. But so far no vaccine has been shown to be safe or effective. Different methods and high technology have been adopted in the manufacture of these vaccines. “We are developing a parallel dose and we will be able to bring the vaccine into public use by the end of this year,” Glenn told a virtual press conference from Novavax headquarters in Maryland. Coronavirus vaccine test in Australia.

Tests on animals have shown that low doses of the vaccine are effective. He said NovaVax could produce at least 100 million doses this year and 1.5 billion doses by 2021 next year. “Last March, a Norwegian company invested  388 million to produce the vaccine, named NVX-Cove 2373,” Glenn said. The results of the first phase of clinical trials in Melbourne and Brisbane are expected in July, according to NovaVax. Thousands more from many countries will be included in the second phase. Paul Griffin, an infectious disease specialist at Australia’s subsidiary Nucleus Network, said the program was launched by vaccinating six volunteers in Melbourne. NovaHax officials told the Associated Press last month that “the way we vaccinate is different, we never touch the virus.” Coronavirus vaccine test in Australia.

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