The difficult situation for US President Trump is taking a turn

The difficult situation for US President Trump is taking a turn
US President Trump claims that violent protests have damaged the country's reputation

A poll has shown that President Donald Trump is likely to be re-elected in the US presidential election in November. According to the survey, US President Trump failed to manage the corona virus epidemic. The failure to control the corona virus in a timely manner has had an impact on the US economy and citizen diaries, according to a Washington Post-ABC News survey. Overall, Americans have had mixed reactions to Trump and Joe Widen. Widen’s candidacy, which is believed to be the Democratic Party’s candidate, also received less support than ever before. In the United States, Wyden is considered richer than President Trump in personal qualities. Also, President Trump’s supporters have been very enthusiastic about Trump and have expressed a strong commitment to vote for him. However, even among supporters of his own party, Democratic leader Wyden does not appear to be as popular within the party as Trump. According to a Post-ABC poll, Biden criticized his rivals within the party in the recent elections for failing to win the support of Democratic leaders and activists, including Republican leaders and activists. A survey of 1,001 nationally registered adult voters on a random phone call between May 25 and 28 found that Biden had a 43 percent lead over Trump, up from 53 percent. The difference of 10 percent marks seems to have gone up and down in the survey report between these two competitors two months ago. In a poll two months ago, Biden received 49 percent of the vote, compared to 47 percent for Trump. According to the latest poll, Biden is 13 percent ahead of all adults, with Trump receiving 40 percent of the vote and Biden 53 percent. Analysts estimate that the short-lived decline in the long-term failure to control the coronavirus epidemic has had a rock-bottom effect on the US economy and, in a different context, has led to violent activity in various cities across the country. The difficult situation for US.

But it would be hasty to predict the political outcome of the November election or its implications, as there is still plenty of time for possible disparities in popular opinion, such as in 2016. There may be games between two competitors to grip the result. Trump received high approval in the assessment two months ago, but for the first time, there have been narrow but positive results in accepting or rejecting him. The latest poll found 48 percent in favor of Trump and 46 percent against. The decline in support this time around has been attributed to the Trump administration’s managerial role in controlling the corona virus. Two months ago, the government was in the early stages of transition control efforts, and the president was in a positive position. At the time, the poll found 51 percent in favor of Trump and 45 percent against. To date, the results have been reversed, with 46 percent in favor and 53 percent against. Trump has received overwhelming support in March, as some pro-democracy groups, some volatile voters and the reform movement among women have experienced in past national crises. That support has now waned. There has been a decline in epidemic management and overall assessment. Among women, for example, Trump had the same 48 percent score for and against the virus. At present, that confidence is declining, with 39 percent saying it is positive or in favor of Trump controlling it, while 59 percent is negative or against it. In the economy, the pro-Trump sentiment is positive, with 52 percent of Americans approving or positive, 44 percent against or negative, but the 19 percent drop since March confirms the decline in Trump’s reputation. The unemployment rate was 14.7 percent in April, when more than 40 million people applied for unemployment insurance, and some small businesses have closed permanently.  The difficult situation for US. It is clear that the results of the economy are certainly not positive. According to the survey, 34 percent of Americans have a positive view of the current economy, while 65 percent have a negative view. Similarly, 24 percent of the participants termed the current economic situation as ‘weak’ and gave a very strong decision against the current administration. Trump’s campaign has brought huge economic benefits to Biden, and the Republican Party has a stake in making it more explicit. In 2016, Trump is likely to use the nationalist slogan “America First” in the upcoming election. Democrats are relying on the strong support of suburban voters, especially women, to help them win the November election. Recent suburban elections have been more favorable to Biden. Biden seems to have better support from the suburbs than he did from Clinton in the 2016 election. In suburban elections, Biden received 50 percent of the vote, while Clinton received 38 percent of the vote. The difficult situation for US.

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