If you want to increase your sexual energy, follow these tips

If you want to increase your sexual energy, follow these tips
If you want to increase your sexual energy, follow these tips

There are some experiments that help increase sexual energy in a person’s life. But the general public is often unaware of this. By paying attention to these small things, the sexual power of most men can be increased. In this regard, a sexologist from the University of Los Angeles in the United States. Edward Linus has some tips and tricks. If you follow these tips in your life, it will help to make your work force better.  If you want to increase your sexual energy.

1) Walk regularly: Every man must walk with his chest stretched. Whether young or old, daily walking increases a man’s sexual power. Regular walking strengthens the bones of the body and also reduces weight. This maintains the flexibility of the body’s muscles. Daily walking releases a hormone called endorphins in the body, which makes the mind happy. This makes every man’s sex life better.

2) Climb uphill: A new study conducted in the United States has found that climbing is very beneficial for sex. Climbing up strengthens the heart, lungs, and genitals. American sexologists. “Regular climbing lowers cholesterol levels,” says Michael Faraday. Cholesterol is reduced by 20 percent if you climb for 12 minutes daily. Get in the habit of climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator to work in an office or elsewhere. It increases sexual power.

3) Exercise regularly: Exercise is important to maintain sexual energy. According to research conducted at a university in California, those who exercise regularly for an hour daily by sweating, their sexual energy remains the same. The researcher involved in this study, Dr. “People who sweat and exercise have higher levels of sex hormones, while those who live comfortably have lower levels of sex hormones,” says Anold Summer. But later, when the rest of the people were asked to exercise, the levels of sex hormones were found to increase surprisingly. Research has shown that men who exercise have more sexual energy than people who live comfortably. ‘  If you want to increase your sexual energy.

4) Get enough sleep : Every man needs to get enough sleep for pleasurable sex. If a person suffers from insomnia, his sexual desire decreases. Almost all sexologists agree that deep sleep is related to sexual power. In this regard, the American sex expert Dr. “Every man needs eight hours of sleep,” says Alexander Lovell. Such deep sleep invigorates the body and mind as well as keeps the sperm healthy. ‘Get enough sleep if you want to make your marriage healthier. Also, never cut back on sleep.

5) Eat a nutritious diet: If you want to prolong your sex life, you need to eat a nutritious and balanced diet. In this case, Dr. Edman Richard says, ‘To keep the body healthy and strong, you should include fruits, vegetables and zinc in your diet containing vitamins A, B, C and E. In addition, you should include milk, yogurt, fruits, lemons, nuts and other foods in your diet. Noodles, fats, Coca-Cola, etc. should be banned or reduced.

6) Do not drink too much alcohol: Consumption of alcohol is harmful to health. The first effect of drinking too much alcohol is on the sperm. Alcohol consumption makes sperm weak and unhealthy. In this regard, Dr. sexual pharmacology. Peter Cranes says, ‘Too much alcohol raises the temperature of the testicles and affects the sperm. Sperm become unhealthy. Babies born from these sperm are also unhealthy and weak. People who use drugs regularly become impotent. Sperm production is also hampered. If you use alcohol, it has a direct effect on semen. Regular and excessive consumption of alcohol has an adverse effect on sexual performance. Alcohol increases sexual desire but decreases sexual energy. ‘

7) Have sex: Having regular sex also increases sexual potency. This brings consciousness to the testicles and also increases the production of sperm. The speed and number of sperm also increases. According to sex experts, regular sexual intercourse makes sperm healthy and strong. Old semen comes out of it and fresh semen starts accumulating in its place. Also, the quality of semen is greatly improved.

8) Do not think erotic thoughts: Most people enjoy sex even in their imagination and daydreams. Reading a sex book, watching a pornographic movie, watching a nude photo, or talking about sex on the phone increase sexual arousal. This damages the semen. Sexologist Dr. Tom Kiegel says, ‘If you want to increase your sexual power, keep the brain active. Scenes of love by others, breasts of young women, pornographic movies start to increase the excitement in the mind. This can lead to problems such as anxiety, shock, and ejaculation before sexual intercourse. Therefore, never have erotic thoughts in your mind. ‘Rape in the society, the fact that more than one person is involved in sex work is the subject of such films. It distorts society. It also causes many accidents.

9) Reduce the amount of caffeine: Coffee, tea and energy drinks are high in caffeine. Many men drink coffee and tea, especially during the winter months. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach causes a lot of urination. Because of this, body water also comes out. Similarly, caffeine reduces sleep. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a decline in sexual energy. Health expert Hormone says, ‘People should not drink more than two cups of coffee and tea a day.’ But nowadays people drink a lot of coffee from morning to evening. It can lead to complex problems such as insomnia, mental and physical problems, and heart failure. So reduce the supply of caffeine, otherwise sexual energy will be reduced.

10) Do not increase cholesterol: When cholesterol rises in the body, the blood vessels become blocked. Because of this, clean blood cannot flow to every part of the body. It increases obesity and also reduces blood flow to the male genitalia. As a result of which there is no blood circulation in the arousal nerves, sexual intercourse cannot be done as the penis is not erect. Eventually the sexual energy is destroyed. Sexologist Dr. Dennis says, ‘If the body’s cholesterol can’t be controlled, consult a doctor. Don’t eat a cholesterol-rich diet and change your lifestyle. ‘  If you want to increase your sexual energy.

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