Which is shaking the ‘last dictator of Europe’

Which is shaking the ‘last dictator of Europe’
Which is shaking the 'last dictator of Europe'

Belarus, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, held presidential elections on Sunday. Elections amid the Corona virus epidemic have led to demonstrations, riots, police repression and uncertainty, not peace and stability in Belarus. Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. ” Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. At the center of the demonstration is 37-year-old Vitlana Tikanovskaya. Tikanovskaya, a mother of two, was the opposition’s presidential candidate in Sunday’s election. She was not only an opposition candidate, but also a symbol of opposition to President Alexander Lukashenko, who has held the reins of Belarus for 26 years. Tikanovskaya, a teacher and translator, has just entered politics. Her husband, 41-year-old Siyarehi Sikanowski, was a YouTuber, blogger, entrepreneur and engineer. He recently announced his candidacy for the presidency against Lukashenko. His YouTube channel “Country for Life” was popular in Belarus. Lukashenko’s administration detained him last May and barred him from running for president, after which Tikanovskaya ran as an independent. Which is shaking the ‘last.

There was intense public dissatisfaction with President Lukashenko, who suppressed the opposition, denied the existence of an independent media, and tolerated criticism. They expressed the same dissatisfaction by voting in the election. Lukashenko won with 80 percent of the vote. Tikanovskaya received only 10 percent of the vote, according to the election commission. He has rejected the results of the commission. No observers were present in Sunday’s election. Protesters from the beginning have rejected the results. They chanted slogans such as “We want change,” “Belarus is alive.” Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. “A lot of people are against Lukashenko,” Pavel, 34, told AFP. “Our goal is to get rid of Lukashenko anyway.” He does not deserve to be our president. ” Lukashenko has accused foreign powers of being behind the protests. He referred to Britain, Poland and the Czech Republic as “foreign powers.” He called the protest “illegal” and warned that it would be stopped. Earlier, Lukashenko had said that those who joined the opposition would be declared terrorists and their noses would be broken. Which is shaking the ‘last.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have congratulated Lukashenko. Belarus was under Soviet rule. During World War II, Belarus lost 24 percent of its population. At that time, 16 million civilians and 600,000 Soviet soldiers were killed in Belarus. Eighty-five percent of the structures in the capital, Minsk, were destroyed by bombs. Lukashenko is the longest-ruling ruler in Europe. He came to power in 1994. In 2005, the administration of US President George W. Bush called him “Europe’s last dictator.” Tikanovskaya fled to neighboring Lithuania as police cracked down on post-election protests. Lithuania’s foreign minister says Tikanovskaya is safe. But his whereabouts are unknown. Western nations have protested Belarus’s crackdown on protesters. Some EU countries have suggested re-imposing sanctions on Lukashenko’s government. The White House has expressed serious concern over recent developments in Belarus. The United States has said that intimidation of opposition candidates and the arrest of peaceful protesters show that the election was rigged. Germany has expressed serious doubts about the outcome of the vote, while France has called on both sides to exercise restraint. Belarus’s neighbor Poland has called for an immediate EU summit. Which is shaking the ‘last.

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