Japanese government’s new plan to increase birth rate

Japanese government’s new plan to increase birth rate
Japanese government's new plan to increase birth rate

Japan: which has made great strides in development, has been facing a major problem in the last decade, with low birth rates. Experts estimate that Japan will be empty in the future if the birth rate continues to decline. In an effort to find a solution to this problem, Japan has announced financial support for newlyweds. The government has announced that the newlyweds will get Japanese yen 600,000 from next April. In Japan, people are very dedicated to work. They work long hours in the office. It has become a common practice for many Japanese to marry late or remain unmarried while busy at work. Due to their lifestyle, the birth rate is declining. That’s why the Japanese government has announced a support program for newlyweds. According to the government’s plan, the newlyweds will receive Japanese yen 600,000 from the government to start their new life. Japanese government’s new plan.

Japan plans to expand the program to increase the number of early marriages in the country, according to The Japan Times. The government has set some special criteria for this. According to the criteria, both the bride and groom who want to avail this facility should be less than 40 years of age at the time of marriage. The program was already in place at some local levels in Japan. Japanese government’s new plan.

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