Trump likely to go to Prison after stepping down as President

Trump likely to go to Prison after stepping down as President
Trump's request to reverse the Pennsylvania state vote count rejected

Incumbent President Donald Trump has lost the recent US presidential election, while Joe Biden has won. No matter how much he accuses of rigging the election, he is unlikely to return for a second term. However, this is not the only election defeat. According to experts, the investigation into the scandals during his tenure has shown that he is likely to be involved in financial matters as well as criminal cases. Because while he is in the presidency, government cases cannot be filed against him. “There is a possibility of a criminal case against Donald Trump,” Bennett Gersman, a professor of constitutional law at the University of Paes, told the BBC Mundo service. He added that President Trump could be charged with bank and tax fraud, money laundering and election fraud. All the information in the media about his work is related to financial transactions. The matter is not limited to this. Trump likely to go to Prison.

According to US media, Donald Trump may also face huge financial losses. This includes a large amount of private loans and transactions. According to the New York Times, more than 300 million will have to be repaid in the next four years. That too at a time when even his private investment is not in a good position. Critics of Trump say the presidency has been a bulwark against all of his legal and financial problems, but that his days of grief may begin when he leaves office. Trump likely to go to Prison.

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