Testing of Chinese vaccine postponed in Brazil after patient’s death

Testing of Chinese vaccine postponed in Brazil after patient’s death
Testing of Chinese vaccine postponed in Brazil after patient's death

Testing of Chinese covid 19 vaccine has been stopped in Brazil. The trial was called off after health officials reported a serious incident, the BBC reported. According to Brazilian health regulator Envisa, the incident took place on October 29, but he did not elaborate. Dimas Kovas, head of the medical research institute Butantan, which is testing the vaccine in Brazil, told local media that the test had been stopped due to an incident related to the patient’s death. However, he said the death was not related to the vaccine. Synovac said it had contacted Brazil about the matter. “We understand that the Butantan Institute believes that this serious incident is not related to the vaccine.””In Brazil, this clinical study (GCP) has been conducted in strict accordance with the standards of good clinical practice and we are confident in the safety of the vaccine,” the company said in a statement. Testing of Chinese vaccine postponed.

The vaccine, developed by Chinese company Synovac Biotech, is one of several finalized trials around the world. Synovac has said it is confident about the safety of the vaccine. The company is using the vaccine to make thousands of people in China resistant to the emergency use program. Brazil is one of the countries most affected by the corona virus. More than 5.6 million people have been infected and more than 163,000 have died so far. Brazil has postponed the trial for the time being, saying it was a “serious incident”. Synovac is also being tested in Indonesia and Turkey. Indonesia’s state-owned pharmaceutical company says testing of the vaccine is progressing very effectively. Testing of Chinese vaccine postponed.

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