Trump pressures Georgia governor to reverse election results

Trump pressures Georgia governor to reverse election results
Republicans urge delay in impeachment hearing against Trump

US President Donald Trump has pressured the Republican governor of Georgia to reverse Joe Biden’s election victory. In a series of tweets, Trump has called on Governor Brian Kemp to convene a special session of state parliament. Trump made the call just hours before the start of the Senate election campaign in Georgia. President Trump has not yet acknowledged losing the election. He has accused Biden of rigging the election without any evidence. He has given legal challenges in various states but almost all of them have failed. Georgia was the main competitor in this election. There, Biden won the election by a narrow margin. This is the first time since 1992 that a Democratic candidate has won an election in the state. Now there is going to be fierce political competition between the two parties to capture the Senate. If Democrats win re-election in January, Republicans will lose control of the upper house. According to the Washington Post, Trump called Kemp on Saturday morning to ask him to test the ballots. However, Kemp, who did not have the authority to issue such directives, denied the request, citing a source. Trump has said there has been a lot of rigging in postal voting throughout the election. But they have not been able to prove it. Trump pressures Georgia governor.

Questions and answers on Twitter : “If Governor Kemp or the Secretary of State allows me to sign the agreement, I will easily and quickly win in Georgia,” he wrote on Twitter. “Why aren’t these two Republicans saying no?” Kemp responded by saying on Twitter that he had “publicly called for a three-time signature check.” “Your people are refusing to do what you say,” Trump wrote in response. What are they hiding? ‘ ‘At least call a special session of parliament. ‘At least call a special session of parliament. You can do that easily. ‘ Trump later tweeted that Kemp would have to work harder ahead of his first post-election rally. Addressing an election rally in Georgia, Trump said he could still win the election. Trump pressures Georgia governor.

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