Biden declared that “America is back” for allies

Biden declared that “America is back” for allies
Biden declared that "America is back" for allies

Virtually addressing the leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) countries during the Munich Security Conference, US President Joe Biden reiterated the US commitment to a multilateral partnership, including the Paris Climate Agreement. “America is back,” Biden said in a statement. Earlier, former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy seemed to isolate the United States. During his tenure, the United States withdrew from important international agreements and alliances. Biden also said that the United States must stand firm against the challenges posed by China, Russia and Iran. He claimed that Russia was looking for an opportunity to weaken the transatlantic partnership and had opened a united front to counter US allies. He also called China’s economic practices “aggressive and abusive.” Biden declared that.

He also pledged 4 billion for a global corona virus vaccination campaign. He also announced his return to the Paris Climate Agreement. Biden appeared in a joint video conference with G7 leaders on Friday for the first time since becoming president. The G7 is an organization of US allies, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan. Biden plans to meet face-to-face with G7 leaders at a conference in the UK later this summer. Biden declared that.

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