China’s first spacecraft lands on Mars

China’s first spacecraft lands on Mars
China's first spacecraft lands on Mars

A Chinese spacecraft has landed on Red Mars. The Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) has announced that a Chinese robot has successfully landed on Mars on Saturday morning. President Xi Jinping wished the Chinese scientists success. China has for the first time landed a spacecraft it has developed on a planet or satellite other than Earth. CNSA chief Zhang Kejian told a news conference at the Chinese Space Control Center that the Mars mission had been a complete success. The control room was overjoyed to learn that the robot had landed on the surface of Mars. He said it was another important cornerstone for China’s space exploration. Jhurong, sent by a spacecraft named Tianwen-1, landed on the southern utopia planet of Mars. The plane landed at 7:18 a.m. Beijing time, according to the control room. China’s first spacecraft lands on Mars.

After landing on Mars, the robot slowly opened the solar panel and antenna and then started sending signals. The distance between Mars and Earth is 320 million kilometers, so the time interval is 17 minutes. Tianwen-1 was launched on July 23, 2020 from Hainan in southern China. It had an orbiter, lander and rover (robot). The six-wheeled robot weighs 20 kg and is about three months old, according to Chinese scientists. The United States had earlier this year landed a spacecraft on Mars. China is the second country in the world to send a spacecraft to Mars. An earlier attempt by India had failed at the last minute. China’s first spacecraft lands on Mars.

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