Harvest losses for farmers prone to reach Rs6. 4 million

Harvest losses for farmers prone to reach Rs6. 4 million

Crop failures for farmers in the eastern Tarai district of Siraha are likely to reach Rs6. 4 million this year due to strong winds and hailstorms from April to May possibly, the District Agriculture Business office said.

The district has been facing huge deficits annually due to damage through climate stress like floods, hard storms and hailstorms as maqui berry farmers lack proper knowledge about the state-subsidized crop and livestock insurance schemes which may have been running for the last five years.

The government has been offering a 75 percent security on the premium for agriculture related insurance plans to protect farmers from potential losses.

The plan is also geared towards lowering expenses for the point out of hawaii as the government has had to pay farmers for failures on many occasions. In 2017, the government paid out more than Rs1. 5 billion in reimbursement to farmers who lost their crops throughout the July floods.

However, most of farmers including those from Siraha are unaware about crop insurance and the subsidy proposed by the authorities. The government has turned plants and livestock insurance required, but the policy is not effectively implemented.

Ram Chandra Yadav, a senior expert at the District Farming Office, said that insurance companies weren’t working make an effort to to bring farmers under the policy. “As growers are unaware about the process to insure their crops and livestock, the program has not been as effective not surprisingly. ”

In respect to the District Farming Office, insurance policies covering up fish farming and ‘chaite’ spring paddy worth Rs20. 91 million were sold in Siraha last yr. But the insured were commercial farmers, said Yadav.

“We have not even heard of crop and were being insurance, ” said Mishri Yadav, a farmer of Malhanwa who lost a sizable part of his manga crops this year. His mango orchard spread over 2 bighas was ruined by storms and hailstorms last month.

The April-May storms had destroyed manga crops worth more than Rs5 billion in Siraha. But farmers will not be capable of recoup their losses as they avoid have insurance. The thunderstorm and hailstorm destroyed manga, watermelon, pulse, maize and litchi farms, said the agriculture office.

Nearly seventy percent of the manga crop worth Rs5. seventy five billion was blown away by the strong surprise, work said.

Similarly, hailstorms destroyed watermelon crops growing on 310 hectares really worth Rs74. 4 million, fresh vegetables cultivated on 925 hectares valued at Rs416. 2 million, lentils cultivated on 398 hectares valued at Rs200 million, maize harvested on 40 hectares really worth Rs4 million and litchi crops valued at Rs20 million. The maize and millet output is expected to drop 50 percent due to the weather.

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